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Figure c115/f001
Figure 115.1
Physiological skin changes in pregnancy showing a prominent linea nigra and striae distensae at 28 weeks' gestation.
Figure c115/f005
Figure 115.5
Chronic plaque psoriasis in pregnancy on (a) the lower legs and (b) the trunk showing marked silver scaling and underlying erythema.
Figure c115/f009
Figure 115.9
Typical lesions of polymorphic eruption of pregnancy on (a) the arm and (b) the abdomen. (Courtesy of Dr D. A. Burns, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leic...
Figure c115/f002
Figure 115.2
Chicken pox (primary herpes zoster infection) presenting in pregnancy with multiple excoriated papules on the back in the second trimester.
Figure c115/f006
Figure 115.6
Pityriasis rosea in pregnancy with a macular eruption on the upper trunk and upper limbs.
Figure c115/f010
Figure 115.10
Pemphigoid gestationis that erupted 3 days postpartum showing (a) widespread erythematous urticated plaques on the trunk and limbs with early blisteri...
Figure c115/f003
Figure 115.3
Pemphigus vulgaris. (a) New disease onset in the second trimester showing erosions on the back. (b) Indirect immunofluorescence using the patient's se...
Figure c115/f007
Figure 115.7
Urticaria showing classic urticarial weals on (a) the trunk and (b) the forearm. (Courtesy of St John's Institute of Dermatology, London, UK.)
Figure c115/f011
Figure 115.11
Atopic eruption of pregnancy: (a) on the upper trunk and shoulders in the second trimester and (b) with nipple eczema.
Figure c115/f004
Figure 115.4
Superfical spreading melanoma on the abdomen (see Chapter ).
Figure c115/f008
Figure 115.8
Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy showing typical papules and urticarial targetoid lesions on the upper thighs in the third trimester.
Figure c115/f012
Figure 115.12
Atopic eruption of pregnancy showing (a) excoriated erythematous patches on the arms, (b) excoriated papules, erythema and dry skin on the upper thigh...