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Figure c135/f001
Figure 135.1
H&E‐stained section of skin from a patient with a pseudolymphoma with conspicuous tagging of lymphocytes along the basal epidermis, resembling licheno...
Figure c135/f005
Figure 135.5
(a) Scattered scaly papules on the trunk in a patient with pityriasis lichenoides chronica (PLC). (b) Close up of individual lesions of PLC showing th...
Figure c135/f009
Figure 135.9
H&E‐stained section demonstrating the large reactive lymphoid follicles that can be seen in lymphocytoma cutis.
Figure c135/f002
Figure 135.2
Multiple nodules and plaques of T‐cell pseudolymphoma affecting the face due to a drug eruption induced by co‐trimoxazole.
Figure c135/f006
Figure 135.6
H&E‐stained section of skin illustrating spongiosis, light lymphocytic dermal inflammation and exocytosis – features commonly seen in chronic superfic...
Figure c135/f010
Figure 135.10
Extensive dermal nodules of lymphocytoma cutis on the face.
Figure c135/f003
Figure 135.3
H&E‐stained section of skin illustrating a florid lymphocytic infiltrate obscuring the dermal–epidermal junction. There is no cytological atypia. Orig...
Figure c135/f007
Figure 135.7
Typical pattern of chronic, superficial, scaly dermatosis showing finger‐like projections on the sides of the torso.
Figure c135/f011
Figure 135.11
H&E‐stained section of skin from a patient with Jessner's lymphocytic infiltrate showing a moderately dense superficial and deep perivascular dermal l...
Figure c135/f004
Figure 135.4
Crusted necrotic and ulcerative plaques in a young man with febrile ulceronecrotic Mucha–Habermann disease.
Figure c135/f008
Figure 135.8
H&E‐stained section of skin illustrating a dense, nodular infiltrate in the dermis. There is a Grenz zone and a normal epidermis. Original magnificati...
Figure c135/f012
Figure 135.12
Non‐scaly erythematous plaques on the face of young woman with Jessner's lymphocytic infiltrate.