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Figure c91/f001
Figure 91.1
Demodex folliculorum mite showing its elongated worm‐like posterior body (opistostoma) and four sets of short legs on the upper body (podostoma). The...
Figure c91/f005
Figure 91.5
Ocular rosacea (OR). (a) Moderate (grade 2) OR with bilateral involvement, particularly of the lower eyelids. (b) More severe (grade 3) OR in this pat...
Figure c91/f009
Figure 91.9
This patient with acne vulgaris has lesions that superficially resemble those of papulopustular rosacea (PPR). However, the lesions are larger and dee...
Figure c91/f013
Figure 91.13
Rhinophyma before (a) and after (b) 4 months' treatment with isotretinoin.
Figure c91/f017
Figure 91.17
Corticosteroid‐induced rosacea‐like facial dermatosis.
Figure c91/f002
Figure 91.2
Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea (ETTR). (a) Facial erythema in moderate ETTR. (b) Prominent telangiectatic vessels on the lateral cheeks.
Figure c91/f006
Figure 91.6
Grouped papules behind the ear of a patient with moderate papulopustular rosacea. This is a commonly overlooked location of inflammatory lesions.
Figure c91/f010
Figure 91.10
Pityriasis folliculorum in a young patient with localized area of erythema and fine scale.
Figure c91/f014
Figure 91.14
Idiopathic facial aseptic granuloma showing a well‐defined plum‐coloured nodule on the face of a 7‐year‐old boy. (From González Rodríguez et al . 201...
Figure c91/f018
Figure 91.18
Perioral dermatitis.
Figure c91/f003
Figure 91.3
Papulopustular rosacea (PPR). (a) Papules and pustules on the forehead of a patient with PPR. (b) Erythema of the medial cheek area in a patient with ...
Figure c91/f007
Figure 91.7
Granulomatous rosacea in a 55‐year‐old woman with a sudden onset of asymptomatic facial rash 4 months earlier. There is a profuse eruption of small, f...
Figure c91/f011
Figure 91.11
This patient with lupus pernio has skin changes that superficially resemble rosacea. Note the cyanotic hue more typical of sarcoid and the absence of ...
Figure c91/f015
Figure 91.15
Rosacea fulminans showing an abrupt onset of severe inflammation with extensive pustule formation in a young woman.
Figure c91/f019
Figure 91.19
Periocular dermatitis.
Figure c91/f004
Figure 91.4
(a) Moderate to severe rhinophyma showing nasal distortion with a peau d'orange appearance of the prominent nasal follicles. (b) Swelling and distorti...
Figure c91/f008
Figure 91.8
This woman was referred for management of ‘treatment‐resistant rosacea’. A skin biopsy showed non‐caseating granulomas. Investigations revealed her to...
Figure c91/f012
Figure 91.12
Solid facial lymphoedema involving predominantly the nose and mimicking rhinophyma. Note narrowing of the nares.
Figure c91/f016
Figure 91.16
Solid facial lymphoedema is characterized by the presence of persistent, non‐tender, firm, upper facial swelling. Note the creases under the eyes in t...
Figure c91/f020
Figure 91.20
Childhood granulomatous periorificial dermatitis. (Courtesy of Professor Hywel Williams, University of Nottingham, UK.)