Acquired Disorders of Dermal Connective Tissue

Christopher R. Lovell


The subject matter of this chapter comprises the major acquired disorders that affect mainly collagen and elastic tissue. The connective tissue of normal skin is discussed elsewhere. Heritable disorders of connective tissue, such as Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, are covered in another chapter, as are disorders of ground substance, such as the mucinoses and mucopolysaccharidoses. In addition, many disorders, including developmental defects, neoplasms and other reactive or scarring conditions, may involve the connective tissues. Although it can be convenient to separate conditions into disorders affecting collagen or elastic tissue, the distinction is somewhat artificial, as changes in these proteins are generally preceded by abnormal metabolism of other matrix components, such as fibronectin or periostin.
Keywords connective tissue, collagen, elastic tissue, dermal atrophy, elastolysis, elastophagocytosis, lax skin, fibrosis, keloids, hypertrophic scars, perforating dermatosis, constricting bands


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