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Figure c18/f001
Figure 18.1
The fingertip unit.
Figure c18/f005
Figure 18.5
Periocular dermatitis.
Figure c18/f009
Figure 18.9
 Circumlesional scaling characteristic of psoriasis lesions treated with vitamin D analogues.
Figure c18/f013
Figure 18.13
(a) Staining of the skin due to dithranol treatment. (b) An irritant reaction following accidental contamination of normal skin with dithranol.
Figure c18/f002
Figure 18.2
Configuration of the basic corticosteroid structure.
Figure c18/f006
Figure 18.6
Structures of tacrolimus and pimecrolimus.
Figure c18/f010
Figure 18.10
Cutaneous atrophy and striae in a 21‐year‐old man from the unsupervised use of calcipotriol and betamethasone ointment 60 g weekly for 2 years.
Figure c18/f003
Figure 18.3
(a, b) Permanent atrophy induced by repeated use of clobetasol propionate for psoriasis.
Figure c18/f007
Figure 18.7
Structures of retinoid molecules used topically.
Figure c18/f011
Figure 18.11
Crude coal tar in white soft paraffin – a rather messy and inconvenient treatment.
Figure c18/f004
Figure 18.4
Tinea incognita. (a) Signs of tinea manus are partly suppressed by treatment with a potent topical steroid. (b) Rash on a foot extending progressively...
Figure c18/f008
Figure 18.8
Structures of calcitriol, tacalcitol, calcipotriol and maxacalcitol.
Figure c18/f012
Figure 18.12
Structure of dithranol.