Dermatoses of Perineal and Perianal Skin

Eleanor Mallon


Dermatologists should be able to assess perineal and perianal skin competently and know when to involve other disciplines. The skin of the perineum includes perianal, groin and scrotum or vulval skin. Common dermatoses easily recognized elsewhere may have a different appearance in the perineum as clinical features can be altered by the microenvironment that exists in the flexures due to heat, moisture and friction. It is important to be familiar with the cutaneous manifestations of intestinal and sexually transmitted diseases. Cutaneous features of conditions such as Crohn disease or tuberculosis are relatively non‐specific and diagnosis of these diseases is reached by demonstration of their typical histology. This chapter concentrates on important entities relevant to perineal and perianal skin including pruritus ani, anal fistula, haemorrhoids, human papillomavirus infection, anal intraepithelial neoplasia and anal cancer.
Keywords perineal and perianal skin disease, inflammation, infection, pre‐malignant, malignant


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