Benign Melanocytic Proliferations and Melanocytic Naevi

Irene Stefanaki, Christina Antoniou, Alexander Stratigos


Benign cutaneous melanocytic proliferations are the most common neoplasms occurring in humans. Although benign in nature, they are often problematic for the patient due to aesthetic concerns or their association with other medical conditions. For dermatologists, melanocytic lesions are generally considered risk factors, precursors or simulants of melanoma, posing significant diagnostic and management issues in clinical practice. This chapter describes the spectrum of benign melanocytic lesions, their divergent clinical varieties and underlying pathogenetic pathways, their histological features, their association with other diseases – particularly melanoma – and their current principles of treatment.
Keywords melanocytic lesion, macular hyperpigmentation, mucosal melanotic lesion, naevus, naevus cells, congenital naevi, neurocutaneous melanosis, acquired naevi, common naevi, atypical/dysplastic naevi


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